Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

November 05, 2017

I haven't been blogging for a while, since I've been doing projects that I can't write much about.

Now I have had time and energy to write something new to this blog. I got interested about Service Workers as they are getting more supported by different platforms and browsers. Even Apple engineers from the WebKit team have started to implement Service Workers for Safari.

I am actually writing about Progressive Web Apps (PWA), as Service Workers implement few of the features PWA Checklist specifies. PWAs aim to be reliable, fast and engaging web apps. There are few web applications that have been modified to fill the definition of PWA and those applications have had nice results with improved page load times and serving offline content. The benefits have been huge even with browsers that don't support all the features. These positive outcomes made me to check how to implement a web application that comforts with the Baseline PWA definition. Google's Lighthouse is a good tool to check if the website has a good coverage in PWA, but it also tests the websites performance, accessibility and best practices that Google has.

Baseline PWA Checklist